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MobileMonday Switzerland #19 about Tourism and Hospitality: wrap up

décembre 7, 2010
Reportage TV (en français): 

L’organisation Mobile Monday Switzerland, qui a organisé une soirée sur le thème « applications mobiles pour le tourisme et l’hôtellerie », comme mentionné précédemment, a fait un excellent résumé des différentes interventions et présentations, en anglais, que l’on retrouve de manière complète, avec liens et reportage TV intégré sur leur site.

Ici, une photo prise à la fin des présentations:
Plus bas, vous retrouvez leur contenu « brut ».
Et vous pouvez également découvrir quelques-uns des projets présentés:
1. Promesses de la réalité augmentée (projets réalisés par la HES- Arc, découvrez l’étonnant projet « MagicTurtle »):

2. Foxy Tour, guide virtuel pour villes, musées, randonnées, incluant informations basées sur des tags, de la réalité augmentée et utilisant des moteurs de confiance pour garantir une pertinence maximale:

3. Le guide de la ville selon vos amis Facebook:

Et ci-dessous, la reprise du résumé par Mobile Monday pour une vision complète de l’événement:

Co-organised with BIMO, the Jura regional web and IT industry association the event attracted a full house. We have in Switzerland a real expertise in mobile apps for the tourism sector that goes well with our renowned tourism industry. We had demos of augmented reality, virtual guides, city/event advergames, travel planning, restaurant search using social networks.
All who made the trip there had the chance to meet our expert presenters who included :

Didier Rizzotti, Haute Ecole Arc and Prof. Francesco Termine of HEG-Arc who presented the school’s projects on Augmented Reality.
Arnaud Bertrand, CEO HouseTrip is discussed the mobile version of their short-term rental services which exceeds 7000 apartments in Paris, Berlin and London. The web version was launched this year and is quikly becoming Europe’s market leader. On the mobile he sees challenges being roaming costs and search/pictures limitation. Money speaks and we were delighted to hear he completed a VC financing round.
Jochen Mundinger, CEO routeRank. He is just releasing the mobile beta on . This is one of the few travel services that will get your from door to door, finding itinerary combines car, plane and train routes and computes the carbon dioxide emissions, price and travel time for each journey. Jochen came from Cambridge to EPFL and aimis at a full international service. He remains modest and unimpressed by such as MIT TR35.
Manuel Acevedo, CEO MadeInLocal. The service combines mobile searches and social recommendation to find the closest cool place to meet, eat, shop. Check the demo here. Manuel told us the original idea was born in Jura but evolved on EPFL and EHL campuses. Getting international exposure is a challenge but he is certain they can differentiates from services like TellMeWhere or iTaste. They count on their Facebook integration to get viral rather than raising big money for marketing.
Michel Deriaz, mobile manager at Arxit : FoxyTour, is a mobile guide for cities, museum and travel. It uses AR , barcode & RFID and smart geo tagging personalised decision making for each user FoxyTour. Check the demo on-line.
Didier Waldmeyer, Partner L’Avenue Digital Media. He gave us a preview of the “Meet the Magic” tourism game. It is an 3D advergame for the city of Lausanne to be launched during a sport event Gymnaestrada. Check the demo here.
Karim-Alexandre Koubea-Olesen, co-founder Food Arena. This cool mobile app will bring let you order, pay (coming soon) and get food from 250 restaurant to be delivered anywhere. Using location search you can browse menus and order. End-users get user ratings and special offers. Restaurant owners get operational features. Our search found Galaxy pizza in Delemont but we had a good buffet thanks to our sponsors.
Check for presentations here. And follow our tweeter feed #chmomo.

Bimo was represented by Yannick Guerdat and Jean-Pierre Bendit. The MoMo team was represented by Peter Angelos, Georges Barre, Claude Florin, Eric Gagnaux, Nicolas Sierro. Thanks to all of them for making this 1st MoMo in Délémont a success.

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