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1/3 of Swiss Hotels Having Hard Times: Time to Rethink Your Marketing?

août 26, 2010
Sauna time? Things are also heating up for many Swiss hotel owners

The Swiss hotel industry might be picking up, but the head of the Swiss Hotel Association believes more than a thousand hotels might not survive the next ten years. looks at the health of the sector and the various challenges facing managers at both ends of the star spectrum.

“Building a hotel where people can sleep, eat and drink is not good enough anymore,” Guglielmo Brentel, president of the Swiss Hotel Association (hotelleriesuisse), told

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In these challenging times, marketing can play a decisive role. Here are some tracks of reflexion:

– clearly identify niche segments

– clearly identify your core competitive advantages, what unique, special do you offer your customers? What do they appreciate most? What do they come back for? (use surveys, reviews, polls to help you assess those points)

– identify the specificities of your region, surroundings

– think of specific promotions, season’s related, context related…

– create events, even small

– think of dynamic pricing

– think of viral distribution, joint partnerships, special promotions

– imagine contests

Then, think promotion, communication, relationship, for both acquiring new customers and strenghten links with existing customers:

– use and abuse of the power of digital communication tools and techniques

– be easily found when looked for (hence the importance of identify the first elements), mainly through SEO and SEM, Facebook Ads.

– tighten the relationship through personnalized e-mails (loyalty programs)

–  be visible: chose a couple of social platforms (Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, for a good mix)

be shareable: format, details, content, must be thought of before sharing (sounds like trivial, but it is fundamental and often overlooked)

– use these platforms to share the previous elements (events, promotions, specificities, …)

be helpful: you are well rooted in you region, you can easily act as kind of a guide, give precious information

–  enhance your customers, they can spread the good word for you.

– ask for feed-back (improve your services and communication)

– encourage positive reviews (on sites like TripAdvisor), they are a key decisive element

– find insights in your analytics

Well thought and executed, these measures should definitely help you out increasing the reservation rate of your hotel.

What’s your take?

We get into these different subjects pretty deeply during the Ritzy’s sessions.

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